Who we are


Qualitas is the main partner for companies in the manufacturing sector in the field of consultancy for industry 4.0, capable of optimizing production and improving results thanks to the NET@PRO MES

We are an established industrial company offering solutions to optimize production processes, improve efficiency and achieve operational excellence. Our approach goes beyond selling software, as we aim to accompany companies in the transition towards Industry 4.0.

We have proprietary software: NET@PRO, which automates processes and integrates advanced digital tools, allowing intelligent control of the systems. The platform collects production data from personnel and machinery, making it available to management to make strategic decisions.

Qualitas has helped more than 650 companies in over 20 different sectors both in Italy and around the world, simplifying operations with a system that is easy to configure and connected to any company ERP.


Since 1986 we have been developing the NET@PRO MES system for the control and improvement of production processes.

Qualitas embraces the objectives and solves the problems of customers, establishing itself as the specialized partner in transforming the production and logistics of production tools into competitive advantages, and in consultancy for industry 4.0.

We offer exceptional ability to handle manufacturing issues in over 20 industries with diverse products. We meet customer needs by addressing problems with attention to detail to provide solutions aligned with expectations. We maintain the value of the project over time through continuous monitoring and suggestions for improvement.


We share with customers a unique ability to manage production problems in more than 20 industrial sectors with different types of products. In each project we satisfy the customer's needs by first sharing the problems to be addressed, and then going into depth in the attention to detail, to reach a solution truly in line with expectations. But not only that: we are committed to maintaining the value of the project over time through continuous monitoring and suggestions for improvement.

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There are those who daydream and those who turn them into goals

We want to help Italian manufacturing companies to break any limits, accompanying them in an extraordinary present made of innovation, high efficiency and sustainable choices. Guiding them on this journey is our Mes NET@PRO System. The pre-configured system that makes production control simple from a 4.0 perspective, providing all the information needed to make the best strategic choices.
A partner by your side, always one step ahead

Much more than buying software. Choosing Qualitas means integrating a complete model of 4.0 technologies into your company. With a team of professionals who always work with you, to help you take a step forward every day on your path towards the future.


Qualitas is founded on deep trust and respect for people, choosing honesty as a reference for expressing and assuming one's responsibilities.

The excellence of skills, the curiosity to look outside the company and the humility in the relationship between different generations are generators of innovation and continuous improvement.


The value of know-how is fundamental for a company specialized in digital transformation. Transparency and scrupulous attention to detail are key elements that contribute to creating lasting value over time.


NET@PRO allows us to manage and control production in real time, from any device. In this way, operational excellence becomes a concrete reality for your business.


NET@PRO is the innovation that revolutionises efficiency and eliminates waste: this is why our customers have chosen us. Production management reaches new levels of performance, optimizing every process and minimizing losses.

A solid team of competent people at the service of your company to improve efficiency and competitiveness.
The Qualitas team is made up of talented professionals with experience in the manufacturing sector and expertise in the MES system. We offer innovative solutions and expert consultancy to optimize production processes and increase the competitiveness of companies with NET@PRO.
Antonello Morina
“Within the Impresoft Group, Qualitas represents our Competence Center Industry Solutions: our response to industry 4.0”
Sergio Gasparin
CEO and Head of Research and Development
“To change we need to break paradigms”
Michele Guerra
North direct channel sales director
“Our success depends on the success of our customers”
Marcella Pizzolato
Operations Director
“We want to make customers feel cared for by a team and not by an individual”
Tiziano Bertoldi
Channel Partners Sales Director
“The future of Qualitas is closely linked to the success and growth of our partner ecosystem”
Massimo Grizzo
Head of Special Projects Area
“Technology is only useful if it can be used on a daily basis in the company and if it brings advantages”
Fabrizio Bolli
Business Development Director
“Convince, Share, Collaborate and Control”

They chose Qualitas

Each success story is a tangible example of our commitment to ensuring maximum value for our customers.


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The Qualitas specialist team is at your disposal for a free consultation and checkup to improve the productivity of your company with a demo of the MES NET@PRO software and the functional analysis of production flows.


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