Safer and more efficient management of the entire production line. NET@PRO is the MES software for the paint and solvent chemical industry that manages the entire work plan from a 4.0 perspective, optimizing machine times, personnel management and the operations stages from production to packaging. All the result of seamless integration with your equipment and direct interfacing with your company's ERP

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MES Software for Paints and Solvents:
Digital production at your fingertips

With NET@PRO the 4.0 revolution changes your way of working. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and records written on paper: thanks to our MES, production will automatically provide all the information needed to increase efficiency, coordinate the stages of operation and to always keep your equipment running at full capacity. For production that reduces errors directly upstream, allowing you to save both time and resources.

Increases productivity

Advanced line management and waste reduction will let you increase the daily volumes processed, thus improving productivity and profitability.

Reduces machine setup times

NET@PRO monitors your machine setup times and suggests how to schedule daily activities based on deadlines and work loads, to reduce machine downtimes.

Task automation

All operations entrusted to operators are guided by an automatic task system that makes it possible to reduce production and data entry errors, making the entire process smoother.

Stock reduction

Thanks to daily planning and weekly alignment with the ERP, purchase orders are always determined by the references to be fulfilled, thus avoiding shortage of stock or overstocking.

Eliminates the risk of cross-contamination

NET@PRO also oversees production safety by organizing work so as to avoid contact of incompatible chemical substances in-between processes.

Eliminates unprofitable references

By measuring the costs of every stage in real time, you can immediately identify unprofitable references and choose what action to take.

Uniform accounting management

Uniformity of workflow data and information will perfectly align production with administration by no longer having to rely on paper documents and partial information.

Integrated quality control

With NET@PRO quality controls are carried out directly in production, thus ensuring instant compliance with all the standards that apply to each reference.

Personnel efficiency

NET@PRO cuts out low value activities, it identifies critical stages and measures the results of each work team, thus allowing a more consistent organization of shifts and making the overall level of efficiency more uniform.

Facilitates the introduction of Lean Six Sigma

NET@PRO natively integrates the tools necessary for reorganizing company production according to the Lean Thinking and Lean Six Sigma approach.

By combining these two business organization methods, the company can ultimately eliminate waste - by maximizing the value/cost ratio - and reduce the variabilities within the processes in order to increase the completed work load.

The NET@PRO Lean Production module therefore becomes a true support tool during the implementation stage for those who aim for the continual improvement of products or services.

Your gateway to the incentives linked to Industry 4.0

NET@PRO MES software is a driving investment that will allow all your spending in machinery and software to bring you the highest tax benefits provided by the Industry 4.0 scheme. It will therefore immediately start to pay for itself.

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Pre-configured MES software
Our pre-configured NET@PRO MES is updated monthly not only for security reasons but also to add new features. It is flexible and can be integrated in no time: it doesn't require targeted programming and, with just a few paremeters, it can be adapted to the client's needs.
Born for the chemical industry
NET@PRO was developed through a constant exchange with chemical sector businesses in order to perfectly meet the demands of the market.
Alway at the top
The streamlined architecture enables the constant release of updates so you always have the best the market has to offer.

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