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An executive support tool for companies that wish to improve product and service quality by applying the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) approach.
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Developed within the NET@PRO suite, this module lets you easily and centrally manage any in-house improvement project, reducing communication time and foreseeing any information misalignment at its inception.

Who is it for?

For all those involved in LSS (Lean Six Sigma) projects, from individual company roles to external consultancy firms.

What issues does it solve?

The module addresses all the needs that usually arise when managing and finalizing a project, and offers the advantage of making available to the end customers a series of preconfigured models containing all the flows and related activities typical of the LSS approach (JDI, PDCA, 8D, A3, KAIZEN EVENT, LEAN SIX SIGMA)

What are the benefits?

The presence of flows, activities and their explanations simplifies the handling of improvement projects by providing a guided path to their execution, which facilitates and certifies their management.


NET@PRO features specific functions for spaces organized according to a Lean Production approach and lets you computerize cards and racks, adequately define supermarkets, assembly points and different color warning levels, determine the size and status of the Kanbans and the creation of new Kanbans using automatic pull processes.

Who is it for?

It is designed for any professional or company that wishes to improve productivity, reduce handover times and optimize resource management.

What issues does it solve?

For each individual material managed according to the Kanban system, it is possible to define a number of Kanbans, the quantities contained in the Kanban, the cells where the material is made, and the destination supermarket among the various servers present on the network. It can also define the Kanban reorder quantities (quantity expected and present in every Kanban), the warning threshold and the general alarm threshold. If required, finally you can define the reorder point (or minimum stock level) of each code per specific line supermarket.

What are the benefits?

Electronic Kanban:

  • It makes up for any losses of the paper Kanban
  • It streamlines management procedures by defining the number of cards and the alarm thresholds
  • It allows monitoring and real-time tracking of Kanban cards
  • It combines the advantages of typically non-formalized Kanban management with the logics of a modern production control system (e.g. KPI calculation, monitoring of the production plan and equipment, management of equipment logical and physical states, integration with the machines and the control logic, finalization of quality data, alarm generation and applicative/informative workflows)

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