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The power of MES combined with the flexibility of the cloud.

Starting today, NET@PRO MES is available in the cloud, with on-premise and/or hybrid solutions. This makes it possible to manage, monitor and schedule production, as well as use Cognitive Services: the artificial intelligence applied to the NET@PRO MES.

The NET@PRO MES software was the first in Italy to be completely web oriented, offering the ubiquity of access to production data from all company devices without requiring installation.  With the arrival of apps, the same wealth of interaction of native software is also available on mobiles but with better speed and a more appealing and streamlined user interface. So, company mobility is no longer confined to the factory, making physical boundaries a thing of the past.


The DASHBOARD (DSW) APP provides advanced monitoring tools that use the data base contained in the NET@PRO MES. The data collected by the factory can therefore be transformed into information with extreme flexibility and great potential for analysis and representation. From the indicator library contained in the preconfigured models it is possible to find, for instance, the state of the machines and of the operators. The APP is available for both Android and iOS.


The Shop Floor Mobile APP is a simple yet powerful tool available to operators, which lets you make all the declaration available in NET@PRO from a smartphone, a tablet and any industrial terminal, making it easy, flexible and effortless to operate.  Its ergonomic features, its powerful flexibility, the extreme speed, the ease of auto-updating and the possibility to manage OFF-Line situations make this the ideal solution for mobile use on any Android device.

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