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The TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) module by NET@PRO lets you digitally manage preventive, scheduled and condition-based maintenance, integrating it with the progress of production.

It therefore lets you monitor maintenance costs, improve the usage level of the production system, increase product quality and reduce rejects.


Who is it for??

The TPM module is designed for those in charge of equipment and machine maintenance and maintenance staff.

What need does it meet?

Thanks to the TPM module it is possible to manage maintenance orders as simply as you manage production orders.
It will therefore be possible to collect spare part usage time and data, schedule maintenance and assign it to the available maintenance personnel.
Downtime for maintenance, whether scheduled or following a breakdown, becomes an integral part of the production process and no longer a task to carry out when time and operations flow permit it.


What are the benefits?

  • Greater equipment reliability with reduced downtimes for breakdowns

  • Greater product quality and fewer rejects

  • Greater control of the supplier if maintenance is outsourced

  • Better control of the maintenance budget

  • Creation and sharing of the wealth information regarding maintenance activities 

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