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WMS Logistics and Traceability

Precise tracking of goods, real-time inventory and shipment traceability

Manage logistics flows, increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs and errors, and optimize warehouse logistics performance.


The WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a module that is completely integrated with NET@PRO features and able to optimally manage both the warehouse and logistics, making it possible to precisely track goods, control inventories in real time for each warehouse, optimize spaces, organize and manage shipments and ensure complete traceability.

Process automation

It automates many manual and repetitive activities associated with warehouse management, inventory, product allocation, order processing and shipment monitoring. This reduces human error, increases data accuracy and improves overall efficiency.

Space optimization

It helps maximize the use of space thus guaranteeing that items are efficiently arranged and that shelves and stocks are managed intelligently. This reduces waste and lets you store more goods in the same amount of space.

Reduced inventory errors

It provides a real-time overview of the inventory, making it possible to more accurately manage product quantities present in the warehouse. This reduces the risk of obsolete stock or lack of products, thus improving stock control and reducing waste.

Greater execution speed

It optimizes operations in the warehouse, reducing the time necessary to receive, handle and ship goods. This translates into greater order execution speed and faster delivery times for customers.

Better customer service

A WMS lets you better manage orders and provide customers with more precise shipment information and product availability. The result will be better customer service and greater overall customer satisfaction.

Reduced operating costs

Activity automation and operation optimization can contribute to reducing warehouse operation costs. This includes better staff efficiency, better resource management and reduces costs linked to inventory errors and overstocking.

Better traceability

It offers complete traceability of the goods throughout the life cycle, from receipt to shipment. This makes it possible to rapidly identify any issues, such as lost or damaged items, and implement timely corrective actions.



Who is it for?

The WMS (Warehouse Management System) is designed for companies with different size warehouses and distribution centers and sectors, providing the tools for efficiently managing stock storage, handling and monitoring activities and optimizing logistics flows.


What need does it meet?

The NET@PRO WMS meets the needs of warehouses and distribution centers by optimizing the organization and handling of goods and monitoring stocks, thus reducing inventory errors, and computerizing logistics processes to increase overall operational efficiency.

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