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By increasing your value proposition, it will be easier to sell your ERP software.

The Qualitas dealer channel is the largest VAR MES network with over 65 partners in Italy and around the world. Each and every one can count on a relationship of complete trust and maximum transparency, and have the opportunity to access the Digital Academy, with personalized training courses, on-demand content and online material for acquiring our NET@PRO MES certified skills. The partnership program also includes marketing and sales support to assist our partners in communication and lead generation initiatives on NET@PRO.


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The largest VAR MES ecosystem in Italy

There are already more than 65 Italian and international hi-tech companies that have chosen to enter the Qualitas partner world. A single great ecosystem of relations, based on cooperation, trust and maximum commercial transparency. 

Increase your skills

Access our Digital Academy and expand your skills with consolidated curricula and certificates.

A tutor will assist you in your initial projects in both the analysis and design and the delivery phases.

Take advantage of our marketing and commercial support

You will receive support for the marketing and lead generation initiatives designed specifically for the manufacturing market and you will be commercially assisted during negotiations.

Share our values

Over the years we have established solid relations with our Partners, building rapports based on trust, transparency and competence. We firmly believe in these key values for building successful partnerships.

Relive the atmosphere of our Partner Meetings

Held each year in a prestigious location,
our Partner Meetings offer the opportunity to meet our partners, get all the latest NET@PRO news and learn about the development roadmap.

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Partner meeting 2023

The 2023 edition was held on May 12 at the Chervò Golf Hotel&Spa near Brescia
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Partner meeting 2022

The 2022 edition was held on May 12 at Palazzo di Varignana, not far from the city of Bologna
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Partner meeting 2021

The 2021 edition was held on September 24 at the Hotel Michelangelo in Vicenza
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Partner Testimonials
Qualitas gives us the opportunity to offer our customers state-of-the-art solutions in production cycle management and Industry 4.0  that are complete, functional and constantly innovative.
 Working with Qualitas is a guarantee of quality, competence with ensured technical and commercial assistance. It is a company of people, expert professionals, true business partners but also so much more.
Alberto Scalvenzi
Product Business Manager
“We have been Qualitas partners since 2019 and our choice to work with them was driven by their solid experience in production management systems. We knew immediately that the NET@PRO MES was an essential real-time tool for company process control. What we appreciate most about Qualitas is their ability to offer innovative tools, ongoing training and support to partners.”
Alberto Picca

"What we appreciate most of Qualitas is the professionalism, the reliability and the dedication of the entire staff.

We decided to become partners because we were in search of an MES that could fully manage the production process we offered our customers and prospects."

Eliana Besacchi
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Infomath formed a partnership with Qualitas in October 2019. The need for a modern, flexible and scalable production system that could be interfaced with any ERP prompted us to take a closer look at the solution. Infomath uses many management softwares, and what convinced us to establish a successful collaboration was the organization's great readiness and structure. The vast knowledge as well as the propensity for growth in a rapidly expanding sector, also thanks to 4.0 incentives, confirmed the goodness of our choice. Today, we can count on qualified technicians and sales department staff that have attended Qualitas courses. Training is well structured, frequent and can be reviewed thanks to the available recordings. In this way we can navigate the market autonomously, creating opportunities for profitable synergies with Italian and international businesses that have joined the partnership.
Paolo Travagliati
Account Manager

We also have "partnerships" with other suppliers, but in name only. In actual fact the relationship is reduced to that of simple customer/supplier. With Qualitas, on the other hand, it is a true partnership: both from the human side, where you find people with strong values, and from the business side, because they help you grow from the technical and commercial point of view. In addition to this, despite being a large company, it is still reasonably sized, providing vast space for growth and exchange.

To date it is the only company that offers an MES from a distribution perspective, a concept that is an absolute given in the world of ERP. The fact of having a supplier that takes care of development allows the VARs to instead focus on projects, in addition to having a standard product that is easy to configure and implement.

Andrea Picone
Managing Director of Interlem GP Omega

Our partnership with Qualitas is based on 3 cornerstones: Availability to assist with projects Proactivity in the expansion of partner skillsets Efficient technical assistance.

I highly recommend Qualitas solution for its advanced technology and because it is modern and can be easily integrated with most existing ERPs

Corrado Bigliardi
ERP Manufacturing Consultant

"We had the opportunity to try NET@PRO with one of our customers and we immediately sensed the product's huge potential: its extreme modularity, the possibility to personalize it based on the customer's needs and its high performance level.

For the team at K3 Progetti e Soluzioni being a Qualitas partner means knowing you can count on constant and professional support for any implementational and operational need, in addition to being able to offer our customers a solution that is innovative, effective and competitive on the market."

Valdani Claudio
Managing Director
"Synonymous with competitiveness and reliability on a national level, Qualitas offers and guarantees its partners continuous support and ongoing training!"
Sergio Previati
Chief Executive of Mendelshon
"I recommend Qualitas for the excellent support it provides partners throughout the entire relationship. It is the precise reflection of the technical and commercial criteria demanded by Italian businesses in this field. ”
Lamberto Conte
Partner Business Development

“We have chosen to become Qualitas partners following a lengthy and careful selection because we were able to relate to the company's values and to the applicability of the solution offered.

We come from the world of ERP and we needed vertical and standard tools in the manufacturing field. NET@PRO proves to be the perfect component integrated in the application ecosystem, whereby the company wishes to plan and record its production process without forgetting quality, maintenance and warehouse management.

Also, the Digital Academy, rich in marketing, sales and technical content, allows partners to have the right approach toward the subjects studied, with a method that offers the option of following a combination of offline and online sessions.”

Roberto Maxia
CEO Noa Solution srl
"We felt very comfortable with Qualitas for the ease with which we integrated our software and the competence of the engineering staff. You work as partners with the aim of keeping the customer happy. Therefore we strive to achieve the objectives together. I feel I can recommend Qualitas because customer service is fast, always present and duly trained.
Giorgio Papagno
Head of Software Development
"Qualitas has allowed us to increase our offerings which means even better support for our industrial customers. It's a reliable solution that integrates perfectly with the Oracle ERPs we implement here at RTT, thus enabling us to provide sector businesses with the most suitable and specific answers to their needs. In Qualitas we've found a trusted partner with a vast knowledge of processes, with whom we have established a deep collaboration. Attention to people is what sets them apart.”
Mauro Cimatti
Sales Director
"Qualitas' strenghts are definitely: the completeness of the available modules, the reliability of the product, the NET@PRO references, and the helpfulness of the QUALITAS staff in both the pre- and post-sale phases.”
Stefano Cicala
The strengths of our partnership with Qualitas are unquestionably the organization, the training and the attention for the partner. I recommend Qualitas if you're looking for a software offering that is comprehensive, scalable and technologically advanced, with more than three decades of experience that leaves no space for uncertainty.
Luca Negri
Managing Director
Qualitas is by your side with ever-changing commercial offers, great assistance with demo activities and sales deals for increasing the chances of successful business negotiations. Qualitas offers software products that are affordable by SMEs, in particular the activities scheduling side is quite interesting and easy to implement in a manufaturing company.
Natale Zaramella
Titolare di Trizeta
Though the relationship that links X3 Solutions and Qualitas has not been very long, it is still characterized by mutual solidity and trust. We believe that the success of this partnership is determined by two main strong points: support and collaboration. The technical and sales support that our consultants are constantly offered was key to consolidating this partnership every step of the way. The climate of cooperation that was formed from the very beginning has made it possible to channel our energies, our know-how and our skills towards common strategic objectives, thus strengthening the team spirit and the mutual respect that unites us. - Why would you recommend Qualitas? Offering the best solutions out there for company process digitalization is essential to providing the best support to businesses on their path to technological growth. This is why we are Qualitas Partners. One of our goals is to always provide cutting-edge and innovative solutions and NET@PRO, thanks to its scalable architecture, its timely updates and the use of on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid-mode software, immediately stood out to us as the ideal product to offer all our customers interested in innovating their company production processes.
Marco Boschetti
General Manager e Direttore Tecnico

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