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Case study

Fida S.p.A

Food traceability and data collection for FIDA Candies


Fida S.p.A


Castagnole delle Lanze, Asti


Food and Beverage



The protagonist

Food traceability and data collection for FIDA Candies

Fida S.p.A. is a food company established at the beginning of the 1970s in Castagnole delle Lanze, Asti. Starting out as an artisanal company that made fruit jellies, with time it expanded its portfolio to include candies, up to the purchase by Nestlé, in 2016, of the famous Rossana brand, together with other well-known names such as Bonelle, Sanagola, Gocce, Linea 1926 and Gnammy.
With a turnover of about 20 million Euros, today Fida's market share equals 3.5% of the total of familiar candies.

The challenge

What were the needs?

Similarly to other food companies, Fida's needs were those of traceability and trackability of the lots. Needs that the Piedmont-based company would meet with manual activities. Practically speaking, production operators would record the various lots used on sheets of paper, which were then gathered and delivered to someone in charge of entering all the data in the company management system. This way of working led to some issues, such as:

physiological percentage of human error due to manual transcribing;
difficulty in tracing the error, which would have to be identified along the document chain;
delays in data entering, which was done the following day or days;
exclusive commitment of one person to carry out data entry.

How did NET@PRO help FIDA?

Today, thanks to the NET@PRO MES we have real-time tracking and tracing. While before this was done on the company management system with the manual loading of data, now it is entered directly in NET@PRO, making it possible to have a real-time lot status check. There is zero waste of raw materials and semi-finished products and no manual data-entry activity.

The project

Why Qualitas Informatica?

The multi-disciplinary experience of Qualitas Informatica in MES software for the manufacturing world has been instrumental throughout the various project implementation stages. In particular, for the following reasons:

- NET@PRO verticalization based on the specific needs of a business like Fida;
- gradual training of operators in the use of a computerized system they weren't accustomed to;
- constant assistance throughout every stage of introduction of NET@PRO in the company;
- fine tuning and continuous system improvement with the aim of achieving 100% efficiency;
- uninterrupted collaboration in view of Industry 4.0 and an increase in automation that tends to include the entire Fida machine and equipment fleet.

«The NET@PRO MES paid for itself very quickly. What we like about Qualitas Informatica is the reliability of its staff, because the technicians that have been assisting us from the start have always been by our side and on-call even at unconventional hours.».

Alessandro Molino,
Plant Manager at Fida