Case study


With over 40 years of experience, Profiltubi has manufactured HF-welded steel tubes in various sizes.









The protagonist

Profiltubi SpA MES Project

With over 40 years of experience, Profiltubi has manufactured HF-welded steel tubes in various sizes. Quality, tradition and the experience of the founding partners have contributed to making Profiltubi one of the most prominent voices on the European steel-making scene. To maintain and improve its competitive edge, Profiltubi has also aimed for innovation.

The challenge


Before the introduction of the NET@PRO MES, production management at Profiltubi was done using paper procedures and Excel spreadsheets. The main aim of Profiltubi management was to provide production with an integrated system for supporting planning and production management in all its aspects. In particular, there was the need for a system that could ensure greater reaction to variations in production demand/changes in plan. The second essential goal was to have greater control of the production process in terms of machine control for improving efficiency and a precise calculation of the material yield. In the production and in-house logistics process at Profiltubi, a computerized system for product and process traceability was a need that could not be put off, given the growing complexity of managing everything manually. Another fundamental need was that of obtaining better production system quality control that would make it possible to reduce production errors and rejects. The last area that needed improving identified by management was the optimization of in-house logistics processes. All these computerized processes had to be integrated with the SAP company ERP system.

The project


“The NET@PRO MES is used to manage the entire Profiltubi supply chain, from the coils to the packs of tubes ready for dispatch. The complete traceability of the product and process let us drastically reduce errors linked to the incorrect use of raw materials as compared to the customer's specifications, have real-time control of production and reduce errors on outgoing goods loading to a physiological value”

Nicola Di Giusto, Head of IT

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