Case study


Thanks to the NET@PRO MES software by Qualitas Informatica, Sottoriva has identified and drastically reduced the production inefficiencies of its machinery for market leader professional planning.


Costruzioni Meccaniche Sottoriva


Marano Vicentino, Marano Vicentino, Vicenza





The protagonist

The art of baking exported all over the world

Costruzioni Meccaniche Sottoriva was established in 1944 by brothers Giuseppe and Claudio Sottoriva. In just a few years, the business went from small company to world leader in the production of machinery and equipment for the baking industry.

Immediate expansion throughout the country, where it is present with a full series of machines, ovens and complete lines for bakeries, cake shops, pizzerias and the confectionery sector, was later followed, in time, by exporting around the world.

The manufacturing unit, the heart of the entire business, boasts highly qualified personnel that takes care of every single product with the help of the most advanced technologies.

The challenge

Optimization of the production of cutting-edge machinery Made in Italy

To obtain a clear and reliable picture of the use of production resources as well as the consistent and real-time control of equipment, product flows, resources and semi-finished products: the challenge of optimizing production activities that Sottoriva wanted to take on and solve was not an easy one. 

The starting point was based on standards and prerequisites that were decidedly high: maintaining the company duality of experienced metalworkers and experts in the art of baking; the commitment – a historical one – to the impassioned construction of “home made” (as much as possible) machines; and being able to retain over 1500 square meters in area dedicated to metalworking, something quite atypical compared to sector competitors.

The project

An MES for real-time process control

In a similar scenario, the need to monitor production and resources in real time and carry out scheduling that, in addition to considering the availability of machines and personnel, would also take into account the flow of materials, was key. This demand for advanced control and visibility naturally came with the need to identify possible inefficiencies, with a view to continual improvement of production performance. To meet these requirements, at the end of 2019, Sottoriva turned to Qualitas Informatica, leading developer of MES software for production management, planning and control, who was not only geographically close to Sottoriva but also shared the company's vision and philosophy.

"Relying on Qualitas Informatica was the turning point for finally embracing an MES solution that would address our needs. As an MES specialist and leader, Qualitas Informatica enabled us to adopt the production management system we were looking for. The implementation process was streamlined and, within the company, we were able to instill the know-how that would guide and help our experts use a premium-quality software.”
Giovanni Boschetti, Operations Manager at Sottoriva


Its user-friendly design and the simple interface, combined with the possibility for operators to autonomously configure additional features, have made it so all the functions required to manage Sottoriva machine production with greater efficiency and control could be found in one place.